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Instant online quote for aerospace heat treatment


With 50-plus years of experience in the industry, the Group has many specialists who can give advice on materials, treatments and surface engineering, preferably at the design stage.

Group sites are open 24/7 and our fast turnaround service is backed up by a fleet of more than 35 commercial vehicles offering a reliable, safe delivery and collection service in most areas of the UK.

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Inspecting a coated knee joint

Anti-bacterial coating for knee joints developed

Innovate UK are supporting research and clinical trials of a bio-active implant to treat post-operative infection after total knee replacement (TKR)....

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Magnesium & Aluminium heat treatment to aerospace standards

Aerospace Quality Heat Treatment for Magnesium and Aluminium  Weight reduction programmes in aerospace are driving the use of magnesium and aluminium...

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Aerospace Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum Brazing: Creating Complex Aerospace Components  Vacuum brazing is one of the most versatile processes for joining different metals available...

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Hard Chrome Replacement from Wallwork.

  A major concern because of forthcoming REACH regulations is to find alternatives to hard chrome plating [HCP] currently derived from chromic acid...

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Cast Alloys new CNC machine

Foundry increases CNC pattern making capacity

  Wallwork Cast Alloys, making high temperatur e resistant castings, has a new piece of kit to streamline the pattern making process. More…...

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