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**Due to the continued volatility in energy markets, commodities and increased pressure on other consumables, Wallwork Group surcharge for August 1st 2022  to August 31st 2022 will be 13%**

Come Visit us at Advanced Engineering - Stand Q6

Advanced Hard Coatings are In Big Demand by Aerospace

We Help With Your Thermal Processing and Hard Coating Needs

Advanced and precision engineers looking for metal heat treatment and PVD coatings will see a much expanded offering from Wallwork Group on stand Q6. Our Newcastle facility is now fully integrated into the group. Cambridge has increased vacuum brazing capacity with an additional furnace and gained further Rolls-Royce accreditations. And at Birmingham more Aluminium processing facilities are in operation.

Advanced Hard Coatings in automotive

Howard Maher, explains, “The 12 months since the last show has been about rising demand and customer expectations. With greater reach in the North East and Scotland, existing and new customers there will get an even faster turnaround on orders. Capacity for processing Aluminium at our Bury HQ was being stretched and it made sense to expand this at Birmingham to provide an even faster service to customers in the midlands and south. Vacuum brazing capacity again was under pressure so adding a new furnace at Cambridge will meet rising customer demand there.”

We have also installed a new fully accredited mechanical testing facility at Cambridge and so no longer have to rely on external testing. Running tensile, compression and hardness tests on materials and components before and post heat treatment, is now much quicker and feeds data into refining existing metal heat treatment processes and component design.

Stand Q6 is also worth a visit for customers looking for an environmentally safe replacement to HCP (hard chromium plating). We have developed a PVD coating as a full HCP replacement that meets REACH in the EU and OSHA in the USA.

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