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Aerospace Cemecon Farnborough 2016

Improving Yield and Quality when Cutting Aerospace Composites – Wallwork at Farnborough – Hall 4 Stand G121

New materials bring new challenges. Cutting aerospace composites can be problematic, but CemeCon hard coated tooling from Wallwork stays sharp, cuts more cleanly and for longer between tool changes – increasing uptime as well as quality. Read more…


The Wallwork philosophy is to offer the best technical hard coating solution to our clients – hence our exclusive partnership with CemeCon – who provides the best tool coatings for aerospace applications. 

The machining of metal components is relatively straightforward, because the material is consistent. Composite materials in contrast comprise mats of resin bonded carbon fibres, often sandwiched with metals to create the required structural properties.

Several problems can arise in cutting composites such as poor heat dissipation, resin smearing, accumulation of residues, rapid tool wear leading to frequent tool changes, ragged cuts and delamination of materials. These issues seriously undermine both quality and productivity – areas where there can be no compromise in aerospace.

CemeCon coated round shank and insert tools from Wallwork cut cleaner for longer. The family of coatings include TinALOX SN2, Hyperlox, ALOX SN2, CCAluspeed and HSN2. In addition, the company provides the complete line of CemeCon CarbonSpeed, FiberSpeed and MultiSpeed pure diamond coatings.


We are the only officially accredited CemeCon coatings supplier in the UK. Visit us at Farnborough on stand G121, hall 4, for more information.

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