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Aerospace on line quoting system

On-Line Aerospace Heat Treatment Quoting Service 

A manual aerospace heat treatment quotation can sometimes take 24 hours to turn around and many customers, working 24/7, on tight deadlines, find this limiting. To further speed service to customers we have created a new on-line automated quoting system on the web site

From a soft launch at Farnborough the on-line aerospace quoting service is off to a good start. Aerospace hub site director Ian Griffin explains, “The new quoting service means that we can give HT customers an indicative price, with a high level of confidence, automatically. Quotations are subject to human confirmation but we are confident that the new system is a significant enhancement to our manual system.”

Users of the service must first be accredited and registered. Customers input data directly to receive an instant quotation for heat treatment processes that include harden and temper, annealing, stress relief, solution treat, precipitation harden and more.

Each access is subject to simple ID checks before the user inputs details of the material, size of component, weight, process, number of pieces, release authority, QA standards and other key factors. The system provides useful intuitive prompts.

 The service was developed by one of our graduate engineers, Charlotte Jackson . Charlotte says that early users have been positive about the system and provided useful feedback for fine tuning. Further development is underway.

13/10/2016 AM / RB


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