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Magnesium & Aluminium heat treatment to aerospace standards

Aerospace Quality Heat Treatment for Magnesium and Aluminium 

Weight reduction programmes in aerospace are driving the use of magnesium and aluminium in new applications. Wallwork has a dedicated, Nadcap certified, heat treatment facility for these metals that can handle anything from small parts to large fabrications. Read more...


Aluminium and magnesium are seen by some thermal processors as difficult to treat materials, but over the last four years Wallwork has increased capability and steadily expanded these services. Starting with commercial work and now extending Nadcap approvals to meet the needs of aerospace customers, the company treat a wide variety of parts from small metal pressings to large cast, fabricated or machined components. These are destined for applications as varied as aerospace and satellites to sports cycles.

The main furnace has a capacity of up to 800 Kilos and can process components occupying up to two cubic metres. Variable quench facilities including air, water and polymer are available to meet different technical requirements. Using these methods, quench cycles can be as little as ten seconds.

In aerospace particularly, post treatment validation is vital. Our in-house laboratories are able to perform key tests and provide documentation to certify conformance to specification. With a dedicated fleet of over 40 vehicles we provide a national service. Please contact us to arrange for one of our experts to visit you to discuss your aluminium and magnesium heat treatment requirements.



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