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Profile – Andy Fox

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There are many people on the Wallwork team that customers only encounter over the phone. Andy could well be one of these hidden faces. He has an interesting background.

Andy is based in Cambridge and is one of four senior managers accountable to Simeon Collins, the site director. The first interesting fact is that he hails from Bury, but despite this, had no previous connection with the business until he started work at Cambridge, in 2004, after completing an MSc in Physics/Astrophysics at York.

Starting as a production technician, Andy progressed via an internal sales role, into research and development. This brought involvement with the development of new coatings for aerospace and with external partners such as Rolls Royce, Siemens and the teams working on the pioneering projects supported by the Technology Strategy Board.

In late 2012 Andy left the company and joined the Japanese industrial and finance conglomerate, Mitsubishi, in the United Arab Emirates. Initial assignments were concerned with technology transfer from Japan to the UAE. This role eventually evolved into one of financial researcher, identifying niche technologies that would thrive in the ever expanding and diverse UAE economies.

Returning to Wallwork Cambridge in 2014, Andy is now systems manager, working on projects to develop the company and improve business processes. Recently this involved the re-modelling of the busy and growing vacuum brazing department and with a broader remit to review systems and processes and identify meaningful key performance indicators to support the development and continuous improvement of the business.

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