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AS9100 Revision D Success

High value aerospace work at Wallwork Cambridge

Cambridge is 14th UK Company to Make Transition

Well done Wallwork Cambridge – it is the 14th company in the UK to make the successful transition to AS9100 Revision D. As a major supplier to the aerospace industry of heat treatment and hard coatings services, this is an important achievement and will give aerospace customers continuing confidence to bring orders to us.

The renewed certificate and other Cambridge site approvals can be viewed on our web site here.

Andy Fox, our Cambridge works manager, said, “All companies working within the aerospace industry must be in compliance with the revision by September 2018. Preparing for the audit has been a tremendous team effort, led by our quality manager Adam Yates who joined us in Cambridge from Bury just six months before the audit.”

Aerospace orders are on the increase and it is important that we maintain the necessarily stringent quality standards of the industry. Revision D includes additional requirements for product risk systems, traceability and mitigating counterfeit parts. It also extends into ethical sourcing and business context, taking it beyond quality and day-to-day management.

Successful audits and renewed certification to Revision D are expected soon at Bury and Birmingham.

20/07/2017 AM


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