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Autosports International – Stand E645

On loan for the stand a Ford Duratec Turbo engine by mountune Racing

Advanced Coatings for a Winning Performance

At Autosport International 2023, stand E645, Wallwork Coatings will be highlighting the latest advances in micro-thin, ultra-hard coatings that improve race car performance by boosting the load bearing abilities of lighter alloys adding to the range of applications for light weight materials in critical engine, gear box, transmission, suspension and other parts. Our stand will feature an engine display, on loan from Mountune, to illustrate where coatings will make a pivotal difference.

In addition, we are showing the Wallwork Nitron range of single, multi-layer and duplex coatings that dramatically improve metal wear resistance and metal on metal lubricity. These significantly increase metal part performance, endurance and contribute to fuel efficiency. Better reliability under extreme load reduces the risks of ‘DNF’ results.

Wallwork Nitron DLC coating on motorsport parts

Through our extensive work with leading F1 teams, Wallwork coatings such as Nitron MC, Nitron DLC and Nitron Ti feature on key components such as pistons, camshafts and cam followers, valves, gearing, bearings, rockers and more to modify wear behaviour and counter the effects of abrasion, fretting and surface fatigue.

Wallwork is also one of the UK’s largest heat treatment, plasma nitriding, vacuum carburising and vacuum brazing suppliers with four centres throughout the UK. In addition to coatings, we are happy to advise on thermal processing techniques for metal hardening and bonding. This makes Wallwork the perfect one stop-shop for autosport engineers requiring a rapid 24/7 turnaround service, backed by our own dedicated delivery and pick-up fleet of commercial vehicles.

Sales director, Simeon Collins explained, “We bring to F1 knowledge and expertise from our work with leading aerospace manufacturers such as Airbus, Rolls Royce and Goodrich. We operate world-class research and development laboratory facilities to create, deliver and validate coatings and thermal processes that increase load bearing, give long life resilience, lubricity and the sustained performance demanded by the extremes found in motorsport.”

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Autosport International 2023

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