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Wallwork Group are operating as normally as possible in the circumstances that we all find ourselves in. Ensuring that at all times recommended government hygiene and social distancing is undertaken. 



Solvent Vapour Degreasing Service added at Birmingham

Degreaser in Birmingham

Whilst solvent vapour degreasing is acknowledged to produce excellent results, our increasing knowledge about the environmental damage and health risks associated with the process have meant that many older degreasing plants have had to be removed from service as they no longer meet current environmental and exposure level standards.

Solvent degreasing is perfectly safe using modern fully enclosed equipment that produce zero emissions.  There is a catch of course that these modern machines are very expensive and so it doesn't make sense for many engineers and manufacturers to invest around £100,000 to £300,000 in a piece of plant just to clean metal parts.

Wallwork has invested in these cleaning units, the latest one pictured at our Birmingham plant.  We are now offering a service, just like our heat treatment processes, where we can collect, process and return your parts.  Whether it is a one off, regular batches, small parts or a large one, we are here to help.

For further advice an an indication of cost please contact  mark.ferguson@wallworkht.com  


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