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Bailey of Sheffield use Wallwork Decorative Coatings

PVD coated Bailey of Sheffield bracelet

Advanced PVD Coatings Bring Extra Chic to Technical Jewellery

We are constantly expanding the applications for  PVD coating. Wallwork Cambridge is accustomed to the exacting technical demands of aerospace, motorsport and medical industries, but decorative PVD coating is also a growing area of expertise.

PVD coated Bailey of Sheffield bracelet - Petrol Blue

Bailey of Sheffield is a modern jewellery producer with an ethos based around a strong technical aesthetic. Marine grade stainless steel is allied to precision machined clasps and fittings to create stainless steel bracelets and necklaces that are designed to last ‘longer than a lifetime’. We are now providing them with a range of PVD coatings in matt and gloss black, petrol blue, rose, gold and a range of other shades. Bracelets and beads are coated, so customers can mix and match components to create their individual pieces.

The account is managed by Brett Nicholson who noted, “Bailey is a jeweller like no other. They operate from a factory where stainless steel was first produced and the industrial heritage of Sheffield is in their DNA. Applying decorative coatings that have their origins in advanced engineering adds another dimension to their story – but more than this, the Wallwork coatings also look spectacular.”

We have been coating Rolex and other high end watch cases for prestige jewellers for some time. It seems that, no matter how exclusive the product, some people are more than willing to pay an additional premium for a high class technical finish that takes exclusivity to another level.

29/06/2017 KA

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