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Vacuum Brazing: A Flexible and Responsive Service

Demand for vacuum brazing from aerospace has led to the creation of a dedicated unit at Wallwork Cambridge. Staffed by skilled technicians the unit has capabilities to research, design, implement and scale-up the process for the vacuum brazing of complex components.

We have established a dedicated manufacturing unit for the design, development and production of complex aerospace components by vacuum brazing. The unit can undertake the complete cycle of development from initial research, prototyping and testing of the methodology into single item or batch production and on to full scale volume production using vacuum furnaces of varying sizes.

Our highly skilled team can assemble the most intricate components, comprising scores of parts, with precision. Joining under vacuum does not need flux and the process is controlled so that the final assemblies are clean and dimensionally accurate every time, requiring no further finishing operations. It is possible to combine heat treatments such as solution treatment or hardening during the brazing process leading to reduced lead times and total part price reduction.

Most commonly used for joining metal to metal components, brazing can also be used to join more exotic materials such as ceramics and carbides. Brazing will join dissimilar metals such as copper, stainless steel and titanium. All joints are free from surface oxidation and so have high strength, often greater than that of the materials being joined. Brazed joints are ductile and so components perform reliably, even when subject to shock and vibration, keeping their strength and staying leak proof.

Every project is carefully evaluated and we select braze materials and develop a custom process for assembly, furnace control and final testing that are appropriate to the needs of the customer. With extensive metallurgical laboratories and operating an ISO9100 aerospace-standard quality assurance system, we can deliver a quality product every time. We welcome individual company inspection and accreditation.

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