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Cambridge Secures Further Rolls-Royce Approval

New Rubig nitrider at Wallwork Cambridge

for Vacuum Brazing, Plasma Nitriding and Heat Treatment

Following on from Rolls-Royce approval at Bury, Cambridge has secured the company’s approval for vacuum brazing, Plasma nitriding and Heat Treatment. These processes are seeing soaring demand and we are making significant investments to ensure Wallwork is the go to company for these processes.

To meet growing demand a new Seco vacuum brazing furnace and two new Rübig and Eltro Plasma nitriders are being installed. This more than doubles the nitriding capacity at Cambridge. The new nitriders are fully aerospace specified units with high temperature capacity. Being more versatile and energy efficient than the older units, they will also enable quicker processing of aerospace components and increase productivity.

New Rubig Nitrider at Wallwork Cambridge

“Achieving the approval is a great team effort. Receiving Rolls-Royce approval for these processes is vital to the relationship with an important customer. It also gives confidence to all our customers that we can meet the exacting standards required by aerospace primes and other precision industries such as motorsport and medical implant/devices,” explained site director, Simeon Collins.

A 20 percent increase in orders is anticipated in the coming months, which it is hoped will create two extra skilled jobs in the vacuum brazing cell.

“From our sites in Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham and newly added Newcastle, Wallwork offers a nationwide service to the aerospace industry. The Rolls-Royce approval and these investments mean we go to Farnborough with an even stronger proposition than in previous years. We will be looking forward to meeting our customers there on stand 2427,” Simeon added.

14/03/2018 AM


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