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A Centre of Excellence in Aerospace Coatings Technology

A Unified Approach – introducing Wallwork Cambridge

The launch of Wallwork Cambridge recognises that the coatings, research and vacuum brazing services provided at this site are core capabilities of increasing importance to aerospace and other demanding customers.
“We want all our customers to understand that we offer more than just heat treatment and more than just coatings.” explained Simeon Collins.

We have rebranded Tecvac as Wallwork Cambridge. Under the new branding the site continues to grow its capability as a centre of excellence for research, development and application of advanced coatings for aerospace and other demanding industries. We acquired Tecvac 18 years ago to give the group capability in this growing field. The rebranding recognises that the company is a core part of the Wallwork Group.

In addition to the application of specialist coatings to improve the hardness, lubricity and other critical properties of metal components, Wallwork Cambridge also builds the PVD machines used in this process and other vacuum equipment for specialised welding. These bespoke machines are chosen around the world by university material science departments, metallurgical laboratories and manufacturers for their pioneering research and development programmes. Recognising the value of the Tecvac brand to this important customer base, the machines will still bear the name.

At Cambridge we have been busy creating a specialised manufacturing unit for brazed components. This has a complete capability from development work and batch production to large scale volume processing.
Besides our own unique coating services, Wallwork Cambridge is the official UK partner of the German coating specialist CemeCon. As such we are the only accredited supplier in the UK for this patent processes.

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