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**Due to the continued volatility in energy markets, commodities and increased pressure on other consumables, Wallwork Group surcharge for August 1st 2022  to August 31st 2022 will be 13%**

Major Expansion at Wallwork Cambridge

New Factory Ready for FittingOut



Continuing investment and business growth at Wallwork Cambridge meant space was becoming tight. A new extension, that will be fully operational early in 2016, will solve several problems and open new opportunities. More…


Wallwork Cambridge is our centre of excellence for hard coatings, but does a lot more. Vacuum heat treatment, vacuum process machine building, research and development and a new materials testing facility were all competing for space, so we commissioned a 460 square metre extension. Work began in the summer and we hope to be fully operational by the spring.

The building is a conventional steel framed structure, clad to match the existing facility and increasing our gross area by about 25 percent. Should we need more space the structure will accommodate a mezzanine.

Site director Simeon Collins noted, “We have doubled the size of the heat treatment facilities here in the last year and added a new materials testing lab. Space was becoming a constraint on further growth and so the new facility allows us to reorganise departments for better workflow, create the space to permit further investment and provide a better working environment.”

A new solvent vapour/spray wash and degrease unit, like the one installed in Birmingham, is to be installed at Cambridge in 2016 and we will be seeking to expand the materials testing capability.



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