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Charlotte Jackson

Women in Engineering

Engineering has a reputation as a predominantly male career, but we can provide a stimulating environment and promising career opportunities to women graduates as Charlotte Jackson, the subject of our profile attests.  

A recently qualified graduate in mechanical engineering who studied at Lancaster University, Charlotte first came to us on a summer placement, working in the quality laboratory. As she says, “I always enjoyed physics and maths at school and was attracted to the practical problem solving element of engineering. I enjoyed the hands-on experience that was gained which was a lot more interesting than the purely theoretical subjects. Of course there is also the advantage that it is a degree with good employment opportunities.”

Like everyone who joins Wallwork, Charlotte has spent time on the shop floor learning at first hand all the processes at the Bury site. This experience is invaluable in her current role in the sales department, liaising between customers and the various departments. Building on this, Charlotte has played a key role in developing and now refining the on-line aerospace heat treatment quoting system.

“Working with the company has brought many of the theoretical aspects of the degree into clear focus. I am currently developing technical skills around the project such as databases and programming so I can make more improvements without going through a third party.”

Outside work Charlotte has many and varied interests including walking in the Lancashire hills.

13/10/2016 AM /RB


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