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Profile – Chris Stretton – Keeping Your Orders on Track

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Chris is our production manager at Manchester. Rapid turnaround is one of the foundations of our business and Chris is the man who manages the process so your orders can be turned around as efficiently as possible in the shortest time.

“Manchester offers a full range of thermal treatments and services to a diverse range of industries. To any customer their order is urgent, so it is my job to receive them and schedule processing such that plant is fully used to turn them round quickly.” Chris explained. It helps that Chris has spent his entire working life with Wallwork and has experience of nearly every process that we offer. Starting at the age of 18, he now has been with us 30 years, developing a deep understanding of customer needs. His hands-on approach, allied to in-house and outside training in metallurgical processes, means that he can appreciate how best to deal with each order, winning time wherever possible, to get the job finished to the standard required and back to the customer.

Chris noted, “This sounds like I do it all myself, but nothing could be further from the truth. We have a good team here and I have trained as a trainer so that I can help other staff develop the skills and attitude to get the job done.”

Outside work Chris is kept busy with a family of three. His son Dan also works at Wallwork, a tradition that is quite common at the Manchester site. To relax he likes both road and mountain biking and often joins a group of mates from work riding in the south Lancashire hills and moors. For a change of pace, he also enjoys fishing, with his dad, on the local rivers, canals and reservoirs.

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