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**From May 1st 2024 the remaining surcharge will be removed in line with our letter in October 2023****

Wallwork Group Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

25th March 2020

In view of the changing situation, as we all follow government advice to mitigate the evolving Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to give you the following update.

We are fully aware that customers within the medical device industry and other critical applications still require heat treatment, vacuum brazing and PVD-hard coatings services. Along as we are able, subject to any legal restrictions, we will endeavour to continue to provide these services.

We have asked all vulnerable staff to remain at home. The staff still working are those not in the government risk category and are all following good hygiene and separation while in the workplace. Plans are in place to reduce hours and reduce the number of days of operation dependant on staff availability and the work that needs processing.

Inevitably, turnaround times may be affected while we try to maintain service during this reduced operation phase. Currently, our dedicated transport fleet is still dropping off and collecting work and we have distancing in place to protect our staff and customers. We ask that you also ensure these measures are in place for drivers arriving at your premises.

We are assessing our ability to work, daily, but currently have no plans to close. Please contact me directly if you need further help or clarification on the situation howard.maher@wallworkht.com  0161 797 9111.

Best regards,

Howard Maher,

Group Sales Manager

26/03/2020 AM

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