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Expanding PVD Machine Build

Cambridge site pioneering PVD coating equipment

Expanding PVD Machine Build

Everyone knows that Cambridge is our centre of excellence for PVD coating. Fewer customers are aware that this is one of the largest coating factories in Europe and that we build most of our own PVD machines. Following a major re-fit of the machine build department we are now gearing up for a significant expansion.

As a user of PVD coating machines we have unique insights into the development of the technology. This experience goes into the building of our standard machines used in production and also into specials built for university research departments and to meet the exceptional needs for particular manufacturing processes. All our machines are branded ‘Tecvac’ reflecting the heritage of the Cambridge site in pioneering PVD coating equipment.

A good example of the engineering approach to specials is our technical association with Portal Medical Limited. This has permitted the commercial development of Portal’s patents for the internal coating of aerosol canisters that dispense medication. Working together we produced the first commercial PECVD coating machines for this process. Now, following field experience with this equipment, we have refined the design to create a second generation canister coating machine that has huge commercial potential.

“The aim is to expand machine build and go beyond this to create a hub for other company projects – process development, equipment procurement, panel building. A truly one stop shop to meet requirements to improve, increase or develop a process,” explained engineering director Mike Jarvis. “This will be both an internal resource for the company and a service that we will offer to our customers, leading to more high skill jobs and adding another layer of expertise at Cambridge.”

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