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Aerospace Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum Brazing: Creating Complex Aerospace Components 

Vacuum brazing is one of the most versatile processes for joining different metals available to aerospace manufacturers. Components made by this method are strong, reliable and shock resistant. The technique is equally suited to fast prototyping and to volume production. Read more…


There is no doubt that additive manufacture holds great potential but just yet it has inherent problems in many situations. Right now there is a simpler, easier, dependable and proven route to making complex high performance components – vacuum brazing. Based on tried and tested metallurgical principles, processes can be designed to fabricate fit-for-purpose components to meet demanding technical and commercial requirements. 

Consider the benefits:

Design freedom – create complex components of almost any size and shape from a broad range of aerospace metals and ceramics. Use mixed materials. Combine machined, cast, forged or stamped components. Select braze materials and process to meet strength and environmental requirements.

Strength – braze joints are frequently stronger than the materials being joined. Bonding is frequently better than welding. And has the added benefit that heat treatment can often be achieved within the same process cycle.

Efficiency – post treatment, common after welding, is not necessary. It is a clean precise process with no splattering or corrosive residues and is fully scalable from single or small batch prototypes to mass production.


            At Wallwork we have more than doubled our vacuum brazing capacity. We have sites at Cambridge and Manchester equipped to the highest standards, staffed by skilled technicians and with a range of computer controlled vacuum furnaces for efficient processing of components, of any size and complexity, from a few grams to several tonnes. Please contact us to arrange for a visit from one of our experts to discuss your requirements. 

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