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**Due to the continued volatility in energy markets, commodities and increased pressure on other consumables, Wallwork Group surcharge for August 1st 2022  to August 31st 2022 will be 13%**

New Wallwork Cast Alloys Brochure Available

Wallwork Cast Alloys 2015 Brochure

Wallwork Cast Alloys has always specialised in the production of heat resistant castings and because we use these same castings in our vacuum and sealed quench furnaces we understand the importance of design, quality and also speed of turn round.

To complement the existing foundry facilities, a 3D printer (Additive Manufacturing equipment and CNC miller have recently been installed.


Foundry Manager Alex Beck explains; "We understand the ever increasing demand to keep reducing prices and reduce lead times whilst increasing the quality of our castings.  With this extra equipment we can do just that and may be able to justify the choice of a casting over a machined part or fabrication where previously the pattern cost and lead time were economically prohibitive.  We have produced our new brochure to highlight the new investments"


If you would like a copy of the brochure or just need some advice about heat resistant castings. Alex can be contacted at   foundry@wallworkht.com

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