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**From May 1st 2024 the remaining surcharge will be removed in line with our letter in October 2023****

Incident 14/1/24 - Wallwork Bury

Incident 14/1/23

Incident 14/1/24 - Wallwork Bury

It has been reported in the media that a significant/huge fire occurred at Wallwork ltd Bury on Sunday 14th January, this has not been reported accurately and has clearly been sensationalised. The incident in question was a single isolated furnace where the work being treated which was fully encapsulated within the furnace, ignited within the chamber pushing the internal temperature of the furnace above its normal working rate. As this continued to rise, the fire brigade were called as a precaution, there was no requirement for any retardant to be used, and very soon the furnace started to reduce temperature, during which time the Fire Brigade remained on site should there be an unforeseen escalation, which there was not. Later on Sunday (the same day) processing started to resume and the site is now fully operational, with no damage to any other plant or to the building, below is a picture of the furnace in question after the significant/huge fire. Wallwork would like thank the emergency services, the utilities services and the council for their response, making personnel and equipment available for us should we have needed them and for controlling the surrounding area to manage onlookers and passers by.

16/01/2024 15:29:43 LW

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