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Investors in People – Achieving Goals by Working Together

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We are a family business and so have always had a focus on looking after and developing our people, but in 2013 Manchester became an Investor in People (IIP). Here is our account of the journey so far.

Like a lot of good ideas, IIP is just formalising and providing a framework for what is good practice anyway. As Paul Devoy the CEO of the IIP organisation says, “Put your people at the heart of your vision and they will use their talents to achieve it.” The three planks of the IIP framework are leading, supporting and improving.

Peter Carpenter, Wallwork CEO explained, “The process started with an initial diagnostic assessment to see how we were operating and what processes and procedures we already had in place. This resulted in a series of recommendations that we implemented before a formal three-day assessment, during which the auditor conducted interviews with a cross section of staff in all departments and at all levels.”

A key element in IIP is communication. Everyone in the organisation needs to know and see the purpose of the company mission, vision and values. “It’s all about working together, mutual respect, co-operation and developing people so that they can do a better job,” Peter explained.

Some of the activities required in IIP were already being followed, but in an ad-hoc way that made tracking progress difficult. Peter again, “Feedback is a good example, because change cannot be embedded unless you can close the loop and see that the planned action has been implemented. We now have more feedback meetings and also have standardised methodologies so that we can compare progress in one period with another. Customer feedback was assessed by telephone survey with the exact format changing slightly each time. We now do this online, using Survey Monkey and a standard questionnaire that gives us a result that we can compare from one period to the next.”

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