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Hard Chrome Replacement from Wallwork.

FIA 2016


A major concern because of forthcoming REACH regulations is to find alternatives to hard chrome plating [HCP] currently derived from chromic acid electroplating technologies.

HCP is widely used across the industrial spectrum but particularly in aerospace and defence; however, over the next few years its use is likely to be restricted under EU REACH and US OSHA legislation due to the presence of these highly toxic hexavalent chromium salts.

Wallwork has developed PVD alternatives such as Nitron CA which deposit chrome compounds from a solid metal donor using very high energy sources sunder vacuum. These conformal films can be applied to complex surfaces - imparting a range of properties far exceeding those of HCP.

The combination of well adhered film, high hardness and a low friction surface make these films ideal for sliding and rolling wear applications such as bearing and seal surfaces.

Thicker than normal PVD films, the dense, amorphous architecture of the coating provides an excellent environmental barrier.

In addition, the high thermal integrity of Nitron CA renders the film ideal in high temperature applications.


Download the information sheet here:Aerospace HCP Replacement

PVD technology ticks every environmental box, from solid, non-toxic, recyclable source materials, inert process gases and zero material disposal requirements.

             In addition to our core heat treatment and hard coating services, we will showcase our expanded vacuum brazing capacity. We can handle everything from miniature high precision components to large fabrications of up to two metres in length. With vacuum braze workshops in Cambridge and Manchester we service the whole of the UK and meet the needs of customers who need to dual source their vacuum brazing processing.

Aerospace visitors may be particularly interested in our extended capability for processing of aluminium and magnesium components, our multi technology nitriding expertise and extensive R&D and new materials testing services.

Completing the picture, the company now provide an even greater choice of PVD and PECVD applied surface hard coatings and is also including other world class coating brands such as those from the German diamond coating specialist CemeCon. These special tool coatings dramatically improve productivity of composite machining operations by prolonging tooling life to give greater up-time and higher quality yield.  See the video here Tool Coating Video

Please contact us to arrange for one of our experts to visit you and discuss your requirements.

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