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**Due to the continued volatility in energy markets, commodities and increased pressure on other consumables, Wallwork Group surcharge for August 1st 2022  to August 31st 2022 will be 13%**

Magnificent Magnesium – Heat Treatment

Specialised magnesium heat treatment at Wallowrk

New furnace is on order to meet expected continuing growth.

Five years on from installing our first aluminium furnace, which gave us a foothold in the highly specialised magnesium heat treatment market, business is now booming and a new furnace is on order to meet expected continuing growth.

“This specialised branch of business is diverse with work coming from the leisure, aerospace, defence, automotive and motorsport sectors.  The common factor is the drive for lighter, stronger structures and components, leading to the substitution of traditional materials and the need to improve physical properties,” explained Ian Lacey.

The new furnace will have a chamber with a plan area of 1 by 2 metres and height of 1.4 metres. This will permit much larger single items or component volumes to be processed than currently, with single batch loads up to 1500 Kilos. In addition to processing components, there is a demand to heat treat billets of aluminium and magnesium, enabling the materials to be more efficiently machined to produce a finer finish.

We are exceptional in having not just Nadcap approval for aluminium and magnesium heat treatment but also qualifying under the Merit Programme for assessments at two year intervals. Very few companies have such approvals or qualify to the additional Merit level. Our customers therefore can have more confidence when they place work with us.

“A good proportion of our current workload comes from locally based sports cycle, engineering and aerospace producers. We are confident that there is a much broader demand for this work in other parts of the country and with a track record of delivery, quality compliance and innovation in this field we can continue to build work in the sector,” Ian concluded.

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