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More Investment to Follow Birmingham Refurbishment

With an investment topping £2 million, the expanded and upgraded vacuum heat treatment department in Birmingham uses modern furnaces of different capacities for flexible, cost-effective thermal processing of both high volume and small batch metal components.

Housed in a newly refurbished building, the department provides a full range of high-vacuum heat treatment. Site director, Tim Pelari explained, “The investment has been substantial but is on-going. Investment continues with a new degreasing facility now installed for our use, but also providing capacity for us to offer a sub-contact service. Plans are also in hand for a new vacuum temper furnace later in the year.”

There are currently seven vacuum furnaces on site ranging in load capacity from 250Kg to a new high capacity furnace, one of the largest in the UK, accepting loads of four tonnes and over 2.7 cubic metres. “We are problem solvers,” Tim enthused, “It is rarely just a case of following a specification, we like to understand how, where and why the component is to be used so we can provide the best technical treatment. This approach may lead to an immediate cost reduction, where a heat treatment has been over specified, for example, or longer term savings where a better process improves performance or endurance to reduce life-time component cost. Our on-site laboratory staff, with extensive metallurgical expertise, provide complete documentation for quality assurance and traceability.”

The department can handle anything from small pressed or machined parts to large forgings. Operating 24/7 and is supported by a company owned and operated vehicle fleet, many orders are turned around in a single shift and returned to customers the day following collection.

17/08/2015 14:09:50

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