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Nadcap Matters

Aerospace Heat Treatement

More Nadcap Accreditations

As far as we know, our Manchester site has more Nadcap accreditations than any other heat treatment facility in the UK. We caught up with quality manager Nick Olpin for the full story.

Nadcap is the highest level of international aerospace approval for special processing and building the portfolio of accreditations has been a gradual process starting in 2006. We have approvals in eight major categories, general heat treatment and pyrometry, aluminium heat treatment, magnesium heat treatment, gas carburising, gas nitriding, vacuum brazing, hardness/conductivity testing and metallographic/microhardness testing.

“Achieving accreditation requires a high level of preparation to ensure compliance to the benchmarks set out in the Nadcap standards. Experience is the best tutor and having a volume of work passing through the works from aerospace primes and rigorous training of all operators embeds the procedures so that they become second nature. This has enabled us to complete several cycles of approval for most processes and gain acceptance on the Nadcap Merit Programme, extending the re-examination interval to two years – a reflection of the confidence that Nadcap have in our procedures,” Nick Olpin explained.

In addition to Nadcap approval many other site processes are approved to the UK aerospace standard BSI AS9100. Prime approvals for specific processes have been awarded by Airbus, BAe Systems, Beechcraft/Textron, Bombardier, Rolls Royce, Safran, UTC Aerospace, Leonardo (formerly Westland), Moog and others.

“The latest Nadcap approval is for the vacuum brazing unit at Manchester. We are fortunate in having a good variety and volume of work passing through the works that supports ongoing Nadcap activity so that we can continue to maintain certification, deepen our knowledge and expand coverage as needed,” Nick concluded.

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