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Wallwork to Open Hot Isostatic Pressing Centre

Wallwork's new 2500 square metre HIP Centre

£10 million investment, 2500 square metres facility

With a £10 million investment, Wallwork Group is establishing a state-of-the-art Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) centre at their Bury, North Manchester site. Housed in a newly prepared 2500 square metres facility, the first of their new HIPs is expected to be fully operational in September 2023.

Quintus Technologies are currently completing the installation of the first of Wallwork’s HIPs. They are the global leader in high pressure technology and have over 2000 systems working worldwide in industries including aerospace, energy, medical implants, space, automotive and food processing.

A render of the first of Wallwork's HIPs, currently being installed.

“As the UK’s premier independent heat treatment, vacuum brazing and advanced ultra-hard coatings company, this is a significant expansion of Wallwork’s thermal processing services and is part of a commitment to invest £20 million over the next five years. It cements our position as the UK one-stop shop for component manufacturers. All secondary processes are easily accessible on this site or another Wallwork site, and backed by our national pickup/delivery transport fleet,” said director, Simeon Collins.

Wallwork director, James Bailey and David Loughlin (HIP Business Manager) are heading the new Wallwork HIP Centre, along with Andy Day in sales. David joins the company to take on the new role and brings with him his extensive experience in running a HIP facility in Europe, and understands customer expectations on high service, competitive pricing and quality.

David Loughlin (Left) joins Wallwork as HIP Business Manager, welcomed atop the new HIP build in progress by Wallwork director Simeon Collins (right)
David Loughlin (left) HIP Business Manager and Wallwork Director, Simeon Collins (right)

David explained, “The demand for HIP is growing quickly, in part driven by the leaps forward in additive manufacturing technology. HIP is extremely efficient at removing the porosity from AM parts made from metal powders – this densification process is often the only way for AM builds to fulfil their safety critical potential. With the Quintus URC system to reduce cycle times and high pressure capability, we are set to meet customer demand and expectations in these developing areas. Compared to the US and Europe, the UK has been lagging behind in HIP capacity. This investment, and those planned by Wallwork, will go a long way to rectify that. In addition to Wallwork’s focus on quality, service and value added, I’m looking forward to developing some new relationships for the company.”

James added, “The Quintus Technologies’ HIP operates at pressures from 40 to 207 MPa (5,800 to 30,000 psi) and temperatures up to 1250°C. The new unit being installed has the latest technology capable of rapid cooling and also the ability to increase cycle pressures to aid with new engineering advances particular in additive manufacturing. This requires some major engineering and civil works, hence the high investment we need to make to enter this growing market. The ability to improve material fatigue properties, ductility, structural integrity and fracture toughness applies to AM, castings, forgings and subtractive engineered components. Components with complex geometries can also be processed to near-net shape, saving customers additional machining steps and therefore cost.”

The first of Wallwork's HIPs being installed in the new 2500 square metre facility.
Inside the new 2500 square metres HIP Centre. This will add signifcantly to UK HIP capacity

Simeon Collins concluded, “Beginning the design phase for the first of our HIPs during the pandemic presented many unforeseen challenges for Wallwork and the team at Quintus Technologies. This has forged a solid working relationship and gives us great confidence in their support for the technology going forward as we continue to invest. As the Bury site is already the largest single-site UK heat treating facility with an aerospace scope covering nine Nadcap check sheets, we expect to be adding new certifications and approvals for HIP as quickly as possible. We also have a dedicated online customer portal in development that will aid load scheduling.”

05/07/2023 AM


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