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Nitriding: Thermal and Plasma Technologies

Additional Nitriding Capability

We have added gas-plasma nitriding to our well established facilities for thermal nitriding processes. As a provider of both processes the company is in an ideal position to advise on the best process for any application, recognising that aerospace clients have highly specific performance needs.

Nitriding is a process for surface hardening of material by the diffusion of nitrogen into the metal surface. It is commonly used for case hardening and to create fatigue resistance. The process can be applied to steel and its alloys, titanium, and other metals. Being highly flexible and the process is able to deliver a high level of precision so that the depth of the nitride cases can be finely controlled to give the level of hardness and resilience required while preserving the base metal properties.

Applications for nitriding are found in components subject to erosive forces. This is usually where there is metal-to-metal contact or where components are exposed to harsh, high pressure or contaminated airflows. Compressor blades and fuel injectors are typical examples.

Nitriding may be used in a duplex system to meet multiple technical objectives. Nitron Flight, for example, is a Wallwork process often applied to titanium bearings in landing gear. Used as an alternative for steel, titanium has high strength and fatigue resistance as well as lower weight. Poor surface characteristics, however, can cause binding and galling in untreated bearings leading to more frequent replacement. These problems are solved with Nitron Flight, where the duplex process first creates deeply nitrided cases in the metal to harden, following which a layer of graphite rich carbon is deposited by PVD to create a highly lubricious bearing surface.

Innovative problem solving is second nature at Wallwork. We offer a wide range of technologies, allied to research development and production capability to meet the needs of aerospace manufacturers.


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