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Wallwork Group are operating as normally as possible in the circumstances that we all find ourselves in. Ensuring that at all times recommended government hygiene and social distancing is undertaken. 



Nitron Flight Farnborough 2016

Nitron Flight – Unlocking Aviation Performance – Wallwork at Farnborough Hall 4 Stand G121

Surface engineering using advanced coatings can win significant technical, environmental and commercial gains for aircraft makers and operators. Nitron Flight – a family of advanced aerospace hard coatings from Wallwork – extends the performance of key components. Read more…


Reducing weight, lowering CO2 emissions, saving fuel and improving time on-wing are key challenges for aircraft makers and operators. Nitron Flight addresses these problems with a range of PVD applied coatings based on titanium, chromium, chromium/aluminium and carbon/metal carbide.

Deliverable advantages from the coatings include longer service life, extended service intervals, resistance to erosion and encrustation and increased scope for material substitution to save weight. Taken together, this means more time flying and less time in the workshop, lowering costs and achieving better environmental performance.

Applications are many and include landing gear, engine bearings, high temperature engine seals, engine compressor sections, valve components and many other situations. We can offer both ready formulated hard coatings and develop bespoke coatings to meet special situations.

We already partner with a range of manufacturing and service organisations and are open to discussions on development of new processes where this is commercially viable. Coating processes are Nadcap certified with compete documentation and traceability.


Visit us at Farnborough on stand G121, hall 4, to discuss requirements.

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