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Profession Motorsport World Stand 6070

Working with Race Engineers and their Sub-Contractors

Our advanced metallurgical processes and surface engineering products are used throughout motor sport from drag racing to F1.

With extensive in-house research and development facilities we are able to work with teams on specific product innovation – enhanced by our impressive material analysis laboratory with a newly launched mechanical testing capability.

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Motor sport heat treatments cover many materials and techniques including  case hardening, vacuum treatments, solution and ageing of titanium.

Surface enhancement plays a major role in reducing friction, increasing wear resistance and prolonging the life of highly stressed engine and gear components. These include PVD coatings along with low friction Carbon thin films such as WCC-H and DLC and a recently developed duplex process called Nitron 100 for Titanium alloys and stainless steels. 

Nitriding is used on racing car wear parts to create fatigue resistance. Exceptional levels of precision produces a high hardness without compromising the base metal properties. Camshafts, piston rings, valves and other metal-to-metal contact components all benefit.

Vacuum brazing capacity is expanding from our Cambridge site to Birmingham and Manchester. This method of joining dissimilar metals allows motor sport engineers to form complex shaped profiles and create new parts with great endurance capabilities.

As a supplier to aerospace manufacturers we hold many industry and manufacturer specific quality and service accreditations. We apply the same experience, high quality levels and timely service, from sites in Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge, to ensure that critical lead times in the fast moving autosports world can be realised.

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Professional Motorsport World 2017

26/09/2017 AM

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