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The Gold Standard in Scissors

EXO Gold - Wallwork TiN super luxe gold ceramic coated

Wallwork TiN PVD Coating Helps William Whiteley’s

William Whiteley & Sons, the oldest scissor-makers in the western world, has chosen Wallwork to provide the Titanium Nitride PVD coating on their new EXO Gold scissor.

The EXO range has been developed with assistance from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at the University of Sheffield, using state of the art 3D tooling, surgical grade stainless steel and advanced coating materials, including TiN from Wallwork.

With a history dating from the mid 1700’s, Whiteley’s are adopting distinctly modern technology to launch the EXO range. Using a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the company aims to bring the benefits of the advanced scissors to craftsmen and women around the world.

The scissors can cut through the toughest materials encountered by tailors and haberdashers, crafters and DIYers, boaters and interior designers. Fully functioning prototypes have been trialled in London’s Savile Row with master tailor Andrew Ramroop OBE, director of Maurice Sedwell bespoke tailors, who has praised them for being “light, precise and comfortable.”

With a lifetime guarantee, the scissors can be personalised to the buyers’ individual requirements. Pledges start at £55 for a striking matt stainless steel finish, to £115 for a Wallwork TiN super luxe gold ceramic coated pair with a surface harder than tungsten carbide.

The Kickstarter has already reached its funding goal, ensuring that production will begin. The campaign is contributing to the set-up costs of the high quality tooling, new machinery and innovative material finishing processes required to produce EXO at the Whiteley factory in Sheffield.

The campaign runs to December 28th and can be supported by clicking here. All supporters through Kickstarter will save 20 percent on recommended retail prices.

About William Whiteley & Sons (Sheffield) Ltd
Founded in 1760, William Whiteley’s has a vast historic legacy. Incorporating the firm of Thomas Wilkinson & Son in 1875, the company inherited the appointment of ‘Manufacturers of Scissors in Ordinary to her Majesty Queen Victoria and Cutlers to H.R.H. Prince Albert’ in 1840. Both firms were awarded prize medals at the London Exhibitions in 1851 and 1862, and the Paris International Exhibition in 1855.

Today, William Whiteley’s work alongside high-tech companies, developing cutting solutions to match the very latest manufacturing materials being introduced in automotive, aerospace, ballistic protection and many other markets. The company offers a comprehensive range of over 250 products to match the requirements of all modern manufacturers.

06/12/2017 AM

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