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Hard Coated Gears - Ten-Fold Endurance Improvement

Red Victor3 in Action

Red Victor Racing Team Celebrate Transmission Reliability Gains

The winter series drag racing championships in Bahrain have now concluded and the Red Victor1 Racing Team are celebrating an exceptional 21 trials and their best speeds ever. A key element in this success can be attributed to advanced micro thin Nitron MC and titanium nitride hard coatings from Wallwork Cambridge used to extend the operating life of the highly stressed racing transmission components in the Red Victor3 drag race car.

Red Victor managing director Andy Frost explained, “When a 4000bhp motor accelerates from zero to 191mph in 4.09 seconds the stress forces on the transmission are immense. This is especially so in a drag racer where restricted space limits the size of the gear box that can be installed.”

“Before involving Wallwork we were having to write-off the gear box after just two quarter-mile runs due to galling and welding of the planet gears. With the hard-coated gears from Wallwork we ran right through the Bahrain series – a staggering 21 runs in total – without a single failure, other teams were having to re-build their transmissions every few races. We do not have the time or resources to do that and having a reliable gearbox allowed us to undertake more runs than otherwise would have been possible.”

Owned by Penn Autos, whose main business is the engineering of transmissions for drag racers, the Red Victor Racing Team use Red Victor3, the latest version of the car, as a live test-bed for engineering innovations. These are then offered to other racing clients with the confidence that higher performance will be achieved, even in the most extreme and demanding situations.

Red Victor3, Europe’s fastest street-legal drag racer, will remain in Bahrain for the 2017 drag racing season starting in November. The engine and transmission have been shipped back to Penn Autos in Wolverhampton where they will be stripped and re-built.  Wallwork will be working with the team to evaluate the performance of the coated parts and advise on refinements to further boost performance. The team is hopeful of taking a World record on the return to the Bahrain championships.

11/05/2017 AM


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