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Wallwork Cast Alloys Invest £120K

FMS sand recycling plant at Wallwork Cast Alloys

in FMS Sand Recycling Plant

Nickel and chromium (Ni/Cr) heat resistant castings experts, Wallwork Cast Alloys, has invested £120K in new bespoke sand recycling plant from FMS Ltd. The Wallwork Cast Alloys foundry was set-up in 1986 to supply parent company Wallwork Group with heat resistant furnace jigs, fixtures and spares to meet their aerospace quality needs for heat treatment furnaces. The foundry also provides this expertise to other companies in wind turbines, offshore, chemical, aerospace, glass melting, decorative castings, plaques, and metal printing build plates.

Foundry manager Alex Beck explained, “Sand may not seem the most important of materials, but even in a niche foundry like Wallwork Cast Alloys, there can be high costs around it use, handling and disposal. We have calculated the £120K investment will pay back in just 2.5 years. FMS have done a great job in tailoring the system to our needs.”

Around 240 tonnes of sand a year is used by the foundry. The FMS system is expected to reclaim about 70% with just 30% going to waste. This saves on the raw material cost but also reduces the number of waste skip removals required.

“Recycling sand also gives us greater flexibility in costing jobs for customers. Depending on the nature of the casting required sometimes 100% new sand is essential, for others reclaimed sand will work well and then we can also create blends of new and reclaimed sand that better suit the intricacy of the casting mould,” Alex added.

“While not a huge sand user, recycling helps to conserve its availability and reduces the environmental impact of sand mining and transportation. Reducing waste also reduces landfill use and associated costs. The energy required to recycle sand is generally lower than that needed to process and transport new sand and contributes to a smaller carbon footprint for the Wallwork Cast Alloys foundry operations,” Alex concluded.

Alex Beck, Foundry Manager, Tel. +44 (0)161 762 7494

24/06/2024 AM


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