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Vacuum Brazing White Paper

Close up of a Vacuum Brazed honeycomb

Additive Manufacturing: New White Paper

Amid all the hype about 3D printed components it is easy to forget that there is a proven, versatile and technically capable additive process – vacuum brazing – that can address multiple challenges. This is the theme of a new Wallwork white paper. 

Peter Cookson, lead engineer in developing and expanding our vacuum brazing capability explains, “Additive manufacturing is a pioneering technique for creating complex components and structures in new ways, but the range of materials that can be used and type of components that can be made is currently limited. Vacuum brazing is a technically proven, highly versatile and scalable process that delivers consistent product, often in a single cycle, high-productivity process that can combine heat treatment with the jointing process to deliver a finished component that requires no further operations.”

The versatility of the vacuum brazing process arises from the ability to exploit and combine multiple technologies to answer engineering problems. The end-user requirement determines the manufacturing process. Variation is possible in the choice of metals and alloys, their method of manufacture, in the joining material used and in the design of the vacuum brazing manufacturing process.

These themes are explored in the white paper. You can download this from our web site here White Paper Download

18/10/2016 AM /RB


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