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Visit us at Offshore Europe 2019, Stand 1S63

Wallwork on stand 1S63 at SPE Offshore Europe 2019

One Stop Shop for Metal Thermal and Coating Processes for the Oil and Gas Industry

On stand 1S63, Offshore Europe, Wallwork will showcase a complete range of metal heat treatments, hard coatings and vacuum brazing services, tailored to the needs of oil, gas, marine and offshore engineers. Improving metal fatigue strength, wear and corrosion resistance of critical components used in these harsh environments is vital.

Much of the UK’s offshore industry operates in the North and Scotland so the establishment of our Newcastle site in 2017, through the acquisition of Metaltech, makes Wallwork a well placed supplier to the industry.

“Since the set-up of Wallwork Newcastle a £750,000 investment has been made in an all new Tufftride and Tufftride QPQ process line, housed in a new extension, to service the needs of the oil, gas and energy industry. This is due to be up and running in September/October. The process imparts to steel components wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance while exhibiting self-lubricating and anti-seize properties,” explained group sales manager, Howard Maher.

Offshore Europe 2019 stan 1S63

Bearings, fasteners, nuts, bolts, gears, pistons, valves, cylinder pumps and well-head components all benefit greatly from the range of heat treatments on offer. Hardening and tempering imparts optimum hardness, strength and toughness. This can help component designers save weight and material by avoiding unnecessary over-engineering. Additionally, it can eliminate finishing processes – saving time and money.

Plasma and gas nitriding significantly increases wear and anti-galling properties to improve finished part performance.

Advanced PVD and carbon based hard coatings can take part performance to an even higher level. Wallwork has also developed REACH compliant special coatings to replace hazardous Hard Chrome Plating.

Vacuum brazing ensures complex part assemblies, made from similar or dissimilar materials have exceptionally strong joins to withstand harsh use.

Wallwork have ISO9100 and ISO9001 accreditations and is Schlumberger approved, so quality is assured.

For free registration and to find out more about Offshore Europe 2019 visit www.offshore-europe.co.uk/

17/07/2019 AM

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