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Aerospace Coatings

Wallwork Cambridge's advanced thin film NITRON FLIGHT technology applies graded coatings, precision-engineered in thickness and composition, to critical flying parts such as turbine blades and other high stress components. These coatings, from 3 to 30 microns thick and hardnesses up to 3000HV, offer

Wallwork Cambridge's Nitron Flight coatings, have achieved dramatic reductions of erosion wear on Ti6/4 alloy surfaces. Comparative wear tests carried out by Wallwork Cambridge on Ti6/4 samples revealed that Nitron Flight coatings reduced abrasive wear by more than 75%. Nitron coatings, can be applied to titanium, steel and advanced alloy surfaces, such as engine blades/vanes for operation at temperatures up to 1000 degrees Centigrade. The coatings are applied in a duplex process using physical vapour deposition (PVD) to apply a variety of hard thin film nitron flight coatings in a variety of basic formulations of metal nitrides (Nitron A,B,CA & O), and in a variety of single and multiple layer coatings to suit specific applications.

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