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Aerospace Heat Treatment

Both Wallwork Heat Treatment Manchester and Cambridge operate a 24/7 fully integrated process house that between them encompasses a comprehensive list of aerospace approved thermal treatments, such as vacuum harden, age harden, solution, precipitation harden, nitride, plasma nitride, case harden and annealing of components of various materials such as titanium.

The sites also offers the customers a wide variety of capacity to match their requirements, one off components to large turbine blades can be treated in various sized furnaces(see specific site capability tables), that can allow a cost effective per piece price, as well as a quick turnaround when required.

All processing takes place to the exacting standards set out by either the OEM,s such as Rolls Royce, BAe and Airbus, etc.and/or National/International standards such as Nadcap/AMS 2750E, all controlled by the AS9100C Accredited Aerospace Quality Management System.. These high end processes are also complemented with our Lab facilities providing testing and quality monitoring, the Wallwork transport network also allows work to be collected in the majority of the UK and the in house metallurgical services aid support to the customer before, during and after treatments.


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