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**Due to the continued volatility in energy markets, commodities and increased pressure on other consumables, Wallwork Group surcharge for June 1st 2022  to June 30th 2022 will stay at 8%**

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Tecvac Process Equipment

1. An overview of the department

Tecvac Process Equipment offer a comprehensive machine building service and specialise in building bespoke vacuum systems to a specification agreed with the customer. The range of systems built by Tecvac is diverse from a large 9m long vacuum assisted TIG welding system with three axis manipulation of the welding torch and electrode height control to small plasma chambers for the surface modification of pharmaceutical products. Tecvac also design and build the PVD coatings systems used in house for the subcontract coating of customers components.

2. Capability of department / plant / service



3. Benefits of department / plant / service

All machines are designed using 3D CAD modelling software. This has real benefits when designing a one off system; from presenting initial design concepts in the early stages of a project through to the generation of drawings for manufacture and clear concise diagrams for manuals.

In house:

4. Data of processes or service

Issued with every Machine is a full documentation package including:

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