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**Due to the continued unpredictability in energy markets, commodities, consumables and the reduction in Government EBDS, Wallwork Group Surcharge from November 1st 2023, will be set at 4.9%**

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Commercial Heat Treatment

With 50+ years of experience in commercial heat treatment the Wallwork Group has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon when giving advice upon the correct heat treatment or material for a particular application. An extensive range of up to date equipment & processes means that a suitable treatment can usually be specified & carried out in a short time span, often overnight.

Commercial heat treatment is carried out at all four of the Wallwork group sites, and together with excellent Group transport service gives the fastest possible turnround to customers.

The Wallwork policy of only recruiting the best people and constantly up-dating or renewing equipment ahead of demand has resulted in a first class service. This is very important to our customers as although heat treatment is only a small part of the manufacturing process its effect on product performance is dramatic and so consistent & reliable results are essential.

Metallurgists are always on hand to give free advice and interpret published technical data which often lacks the practical information required to make a good materials selection. They can also give advice on the best process route available for a particular component, these can include heat treatment in gas, air, vacuum or molten salt and various different quenching methods.

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