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Chrome Nitride CrN

Wallwork Cambridge  CrN is a wear resistant Physical vapour deposition (PVD) nitride coating, which has a high hardness, excellent corrosion resistance and a very low coefficient of friction, silver in appearance. The Wallwork Cambridge CrN coating can be used either as direct substitute for other surface enhancements techniques such as hard chrome plating, ion nitriding, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and thermal diffusion processes such as HVOF, or as a single enhancement to current manufactured parts to boost component performance and value to the end user experience.  It is finding many new markets as REACH regulations make application of chrome coatings by wet chemistry problematic if not impossible.

Wallwork Cambridge CrN is twice as hard as conventional hard chrome, and its high hardness, low friction and low residual stress levels render the coating ideal for abrasive wear and fretting resistance. Wallwork Cambridge CrN has a uniform, smooth surface finish that follows the component geometry without build up on edges. The coating will not chip, peel or separate from the substrate even during flexing or twisting providing the component is received in the correct condition set out by Wallwork Cambridge technical guidelines.

The coating is deposited in one of Wallwork Cambridge's many units at low temperature using Wallwork Cambridge's uniquely designed electron beam evaporation process. Application temperature range up to 500˚C depending on substrate material, and coating thickness in the range of 1-4 microns but can be tailored up to 15 microns in single or multi layer configurations.


Hardness 85-90Rc
Adhesion 70N2
Oxidation Temp 750
Coefficient of friction 0.4-0.5
Surface roughness 0.2 microns
Colour silver/grey
Thickness up to 15 microns
Deposition PVD 

For a technical comparison beteen CrN deposited by Electron Beam, Magnetron Sputtering and Cathodic Arc methods please click the link  CrN Comparison

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