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Customer Portal

Welcome to the Wallwork Group customer portal

To access the portal, please click the following link -  https://portal.wallworkht.com/


1. Overview

Wallwork Group Customer Portal User Guide

Welcome to the Customer Portal User Guide. This document is a functional reference on how to use the Customer Portal. Features available on the Customer Portal include. 


1.1 Web Portal Activation
In order to register for the customer portal, you will need to contact a member of staff, to register an activation for the portal. Upon setting up the account, you will receive an email from the address portal@wallworkht.com, as per below. As this is an automated process, there is the small possibility email scanning software will classify this as junk, therefore please check your mailbox. 


On receiving the portal activation email, please click the link and you will be transferred to the login portal page, as per below and required to create a new password. Once a password has been established, click ‘Set Password’ and you will be redirected to the portal home screen. You are now an active WHT Portal user.

If you have forgotten your password, click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen. This will send you a new email very similar to the original activation email. With a new activation link to update your password.  The same will happen if you want to ‘change password’.








1.2 Web Portal Activation

To access the portal, you can use one of the following channels:

- Via the group website https://www.wallworkht.co.uk/content/customer-portal/
- Via the direct URL: https://portal.wallworkht.com/login (As highlighted in RED below)

To log out of the portal, simply click your name in the top right hand corner of the home screen then select sign out.








2.0 Homepage Overview

The Wallwork customer portal home page is clear, simple and easy to understand. There are 3 options for you to choose from:

       When you click on any of these options, the page will navigate to the chosen section.

**Please note - If your account is on hold, due to overdue invoices, your home screen will display a red notification bar, outlining the account is currently on hold, as per below. Should this happen, please contact accounts on the number specified**










3.0 Book A Collection

Once you have selected ‘Book a collection’ a new page will open. This is where you enter your details for a collection, as per below:

When you click on the first box ‘Select Collection Address’, a menu of all your addresses will drop down. Select the address you require a collection from. If you only have 1 address we collect from/deliver too this will automatically populated.

‘Select Collection Date’  - On clicking the drop down box, our current records will autopopulate when we are next delivering within the specified area. Select the date required and the data will now be populated and you will return back to the collection home screen.

**Please note - Do not select same day collection, as these are likely to be missed, Should you require a same day collection, please call your regular WHT collection site.**

The other 2 boxes ‘Your Reference and Comment’ are optional, however could provide supplementary information, such as purchase order number, gross weight collecting/No. of pallets/dimensions of items, working hours on a certain day or the responsible sales person. Therefore any information that you think well help us collect from yourselves smoothly.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 

4.0 View Jobs

Once you have clicked on view job the page below will open. This is where you can progress your jobs onsite at WHT.  You can also click the book collection button and it will take you to that page or click home to take you back to the home screen. The data is auto filtered to newest to oldest Jobs. So your view should be your current work. The page only shows 10 jobs at a time. To get to the next 10/ pervious 10 use the arrows below. 

Each column in the table has search functionality available, therefore please use the blank boxes below the table headers.




5.0 View Ledger

This is the page you can see your Invoices, Credit notes and payments.    


Again like the View jobs page you can search in any field and move forward and backwards to view more ledger entries using the arrows at the top and bottom of the page. On this page you can also request a copy invoice/credit note which will be emailed to your usual accounts email address by clicking on the PDF logo. This will auto pop a ‘confirm’ box . Select the option you require.


6.0 Contacts

Accounts Queries – Head office 0161 797 9111 Option 1 or email – accounts@wallworkht.com

Progressing Jobs -

Manchester/Bury Site – 0161 797 9111

Birmingham Site – 0121 628 2552/0121 771 2467

Cambridge Site – 01954 233 700

Newcastle/Consett Site – 01207 501 085


Portal issues -

Email – wallworkgroup@wallworkht.com or call 0161 797 9111 and ask for Luke Wiggans or Rebecca Mortimer.

If you know of any of your colleagues that would like access to the portal the contact details above are who they need to enquire too. 



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