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Hot Stand for Farnborough Airshow

New for FIA2024 - Wallwork increase UK Hot Isostatic Pressing Capacity

Wallwork Group: Pods 12-13, North West Aerospace Alliance stand, Hall 1

At Farnborough International Airshow, Wallwork Group is keen to show the benefits that their new 2500 square metres hot isostatic pressing centre brings to their comprehensive portfolio of NADCAP accredited thermal processes and hard coatings services.

Exhibiting from pods 12 and 13 on the North West Aerospace Alliance stand in Hall 1, the team will also highlight the many other investments made across the Group’s sites in plasma nitriding, vacuum furnaces and two pit furnaces for longer components.

Hot Isostatic Pressing
The largest investment the company has made is in their £20 million pound Hot Isostatic Pressing Centre. Demand is such that the company recently announced investment in a second Quintus Technologies’ HIP for the centre.

HIP is used by aerospace manufacturers to eliminate defects within components made by casting, 3D printing or near-net shape powder metallurgy. High pressures and temperatures in an inert gas atmosphere, compress the material and close internal voids. This improves mechanical properties such as tensile strength and fatigue. HIP helps to ensure the reliability and performance of critical parts such as turbine blades, structural casings, and engine components under extreme operational conditions. It extends the service life of components, reduces the risk of failure, and lowers maintenance requirements.

Heat Treatment
Wallwork has significant heat treatment capacity at its four sites in Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Cambridge. Demand from aerospace customers has driven further investment in advanced vacuum furnaces. These are playing a crucial role in enhancing the mechanical properties of metals and alloys. This ensures that turbine blades, gears, and structural components can withstand the extreme conditions of aerospace environments including high pressures, variable temperatures and mechanical stress. Moreover, heat treatment can relieve stresses imparted during fabrication, reducing the risk of material failure.

Also new are two deep pit furnaces at their Newcastle site. These enable carburising, normalising, annealing, stress relieving, harden and tempering of larger components up to 1.6 metres in length and 1.1 metres diameter.

Plasma Nitriding
Investment in additional plasma nitriding capacity is meeting growing demand and provides greater flexibility in loading, so pricing can be optimised to need. This precision surface hardening treatment benefits aerospace components by enhancing wear resistance and fatigue life of critical parts. The process involves diffusing nitrogen into the surface of an alloy, forming a hard, wear-resistant layer, while maintaining the properties of the underlying material.

Plasma nitriding is performed at lower temperatures than conventional nitriding, which minimises distortion and allows for precise control over the thickness and properties of the nitrided layer without compromising material ductility. This makes it ideal for parts like landing gear, engine components, and fasteners.

PVD Coatings
Cambridge is the company’s centre of excellence for PVD coatings. With research and development, extensive laboratory facilities, UKAS certified mechanical testing, Wallwork works with component manufacturers to develop bespoke coatings. There is also a range of standard coatings to choose form that meet the needs of most applications.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings are highly beneficial for aerospace components due to their ability to enhance the surface characteristics without altering the properties of the underlying material. Applied at relatively low temperatures, they prevent component distortion and maintain precise dimensional tolerances. They improve hardness, reduce friction, and increase wear resistance, crucial for components exposed to extreme operational conditions, such as turbine blades and control mechanisms.

Vacuum Brazing
Vacuum brazing is a joining process with many advantages for aerospace component manufacturers. Performed in a vacuum environment, this process ensures clean, flux-free brazed joints, with superior strength and high resistance to thermal and mechanical stress. It is particularly beneficial for creating complex assemblies where alignment precision is vital, such as in heat exchangers and honeycomb seals.

The absence of oxidizing agents and contaminants during the brazing process results in clean, strong, and corrosion-resistant joints that maintain the integrity of the component throughout its operational life. This method allows for the joining of dissimilar materials, which is useful in aerospace applications where materials are chosen for specific properties like weight reduction and thermal stability.

As the UK’s largest independent aerospace thermal process and hard coating specialist, Wallwork has over sixty years’ experience in meeting the needs of aerospace component manufacturers. With ITAR compliance, prime approvals, NADCAP, AS/EN9100 and a strong service ethic, the company has a customer focused culture. Their dedicated commercial transport fleet for swift pick-up and delivery means orders are cared for from start to finish by Wallwork.

FIA2024 takes place July 22-26 and is a trade only show. Visitor passes can be obtained here: https://www.farnboroughairshow.com/book-your-trade-pass/

13/05/2024 AM


Incident 14/1/24 - Wallwork Bury

Incident 14/1/23

Incident 14/1/24 - Wallwork Bury

It has been reported in the media that a significant/huge fire occurred at Wallwork ltd Bury on Sunday 14th January, this has not been reported accurately and has clearly been sensationalised. The incident in question was a single isolated furnace where the work being treated which was fully encapsulated... ... Incident 14/1/24

16/01/2024 15:29:43 LW

See us: Stand B200, Southern Manufacturing

Thermal Processes at Wallwork Group

Thermal Processing & Hard Coatings

On target to significantly increase the UK’s hot isostatic pressing capacity, Wallwork Group are raring to greet current and new customers alike on stand B200 at Southern Manufacturing. Extensive thermal processing facilities in Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle, are accessible nationally... ... Southern Manufacturing 2024 - Stand B200

15/01/2024 AM

See us at the International Paris Air Show

The International Paris Airshow

Wallwork Heat Treatments and Hard Coatings in Europe

With Nadcap accreditation and Rolls Royce, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and other prime approvals, at the International Paris Airshow Wallwork Group will show how our heat treatments, PVD coatings, vacuum brazing, and plasma nitriding services improve the performance of compressor blades, blisks, disks, bearings, fasteners, honeycomb seals and more.International Paris Airshow 2023

03/04/2023 AM

Wallwork Stand C310, Southern Manufacturing

Wallwork Nitron CA, one of many PVD hard coatings offered by Wallwork

One Stop Thermal Processes and Hard Coating Services to Extend Component Life

Exhibiting on Stand C310 at Southern Manufacturing, Wallwork Group, is keen to highlight the significant investments made throughout our UK sites increasing thermal processing and ultra-hard coating capacity to meet demand.

Operating from four locations, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge and Newcastle, we provides a rapid turnaround... ... Wallwork at Southern Manufacturing 2023

16/12/2022 AM

Autosports International – Stand E645

On loan for the stand a Ford Duratec Turbo engine by mountune Racing

Advanced Coatings for a Winning Performance

At Autosport International 2023, stand E645, Wallwork Coatings will be highlighting the latest advances in micro-thin, ultra-hard coatings that improve race car performance by boosting the load bearing abilities of lighter alloys adding to the range of applications for light weight materials in critical engine, gear box, transmission, suspension... ... Autosport International 2023

07/12/2022 AM

Visit us: Advanced Engineering 2022 Stand N152

Wallwork stand N152 Advanced Engineering 2022

Heat Treatments, Hard Coatings, Vacuum Brazing

Wallwork returns to Advanced Engineering on Stand N152. We will be featuring hard coatings, heat treatments such as plasma nitriding and vacuum brazing. The stand is in the Aerospace zone so we anticipate great interest in the many advantages that our thermal processes bring to improving wear resistance, lowering coefficients of friction and other... ... Advanced Engineering 2022

17/10/2022 AM

New Plasma Nitriding Capacity

Improving the endurance of wear parts such as gears

for Cambridge Heat Treatment Centre

Parts inside a Rubig Plasma Nitrider (Picture: Rubig)

As the engineering and manufacturing supply chains emerge from the pandemic, plasma nitriding is again in significant demand for the heat treatment of new and replacement components in aerospace, automotive, motorsport and more. Responding, Wallwork... ... new plasma nitriding furnaces

12/07/2021 AM

Wallwork Group Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

25th March 2020

In view of the changing situation, as we all follow government advice to mitigate the evolving Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to give you the following update.

We are fully aware that customers within the medical device industry and other critical applications still require heat treatment, vacuum brazing and PVD-hard coatings services.... ... Covid-19 Update

26/03/2020 AM

Motorsport Heat Treatment

Andy Day, national sales for Wallowrk heat treatments for motorsport

Sales Role for Andy Day

Wallwork has underpinned the increasing value of motorsport heat treatments with a national sales role. Andy Day has been appointed to champion this service to top race teams.

Andy, who is a huge fan of MotoGP and world superbikes, has also worked for Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd, a producer of precision foils from metals such as gold and platinum... ... Sales Role for Andy Day

16/03/2020 AM

Visit Wallwork at Advanced Engineering 2019

Wallwork on stand M102 at Advanced Engineering 2019

Stand M102: The Art of Sharing Knowledge

A team of metal part heat treatment, PVD hard coating and vacuum brazing experts will be sharing their knowledge with engineers on the Wallwork Group stand M102, Advanced Engineering.

Many advances in wear part performance and endurance have come from improved metal heat treatment processes, the development of lubricious hard coatings and... ... Stand M102 Advanced Engineering 2019

19/09/2019 AM

Visit us at Offshore Europe 2019, Stand 1S63

Wallwork on stand 1S63 at SPE Offshore Europe 2019

One Stop Shop for Metal Thermal and Coating Processes for the Oil and Gas Industry

On stand 1S63, Offshore Europe, Wallwork will showcase a complete range of metal heat treatments, hard coatings and vacuum brazing services, tailored to the needs of oil, gas, marine and offshore engineers. Improving metal fatigue strength, wear and corrosion resistance of critical components used in these harsh environments is vital.

Much... ... offshore-europe-2019

17/07/2019 AM

See us at Made in The Midlands Expo

One of the large capacity vacuum furnaces at Wallwork Birmingham

June 20, Stand L22

MIM Expo 2019, stand L22, will see Wallwork Group showcase a range of heat treatment and ultra-hard coating services. The midlands and surrounding area represents a significant customer base, so we are pleased to be exhibiting again at MIM in their 10th anniversary year.

MIM Expo 2019 logoMade In the Midlands Expo 2019

23/04/2019 AM

International Paris Air Show

Heat Treatment and Vacuum Brazing in Paris

Your First Chance to See Us in Europe

Exhibiting for the first time at the International Paris Air Show, Wallwork Group is looking to expand its thermal processing services into Europe. For some time now, we have been establishing firm relationships with European based aerospace component manufacturers and this has encouraged us to exhibit in Paris.

The company is in Pod 10... ... International Paris Air Show

12/04/2019 AM

Come and See us at Southern Manufacturing on Stand L75

Heat treatment and hard coating of turbine blades

Farnborough International, February 5-7th

As one of the UK’s largest heat treatments and hard coatings suppliers to aerospace, automotive, motorsports and surgical implant industries we are starting 2019 with increased capacity coming online and exhibiting on stand L75 at Southern Manufacturing at Farnborough International.

Southern Manufacturing 2019

15/11/2018 AM

New In-house Unit for Mechanical Testing

New Mechanical Testing Facility

£130K In-house Mechanical Testing Facility Certified by UKAS

Our new £130K in-house mechanical testing facility, certified by UKAS, at our Cambridge plant is boosting customer order turn-around times. “Destructive testing is mainly specified by customers in Aerospace, however, it is becoming increasingly common in motorsport, medical devices and other industries where there can be no compromise... ... Wallwork Mechanical Testing

17/10/2018 AM

See the Video: Dougie Lampkin Lap of Wallwork

Dougie Lampkin over molten metal in castings

Thrilling 2 Minute Speed Through Our Heat Treatment Works

For those of us lucky enough to see the stunts first hand, that cold Sunday in March, when filming of the new video took place, it is particularly cool to see how all the pieces come together in the final version - launched today. A big thank you has to go to Dougie Lampkin Video Launch

22/05/2018 AM

Visit us on Stand 2427 FIA2018

Aerospace Thermal Processing Services

The Aerospace Industry One-Stop Shop for Thermal Processing Services

One of the most important trade shows for the company is just around the corner. The Farnborough International Airshow 2018 takes place July 16-22, with the trade exhibition running from the first day until the 20th. We will be on stand 2427, one of our largest ever. Since the last event in 2016, we have a lot to shout about including new prime... ... Farnborough International Airshow 2018

26/04/2018 AM

‘Hammered’ Gears Come up Trumps

Jamie Coward in action for Mistral Racing

Nitron MC Coatings Give Mistral Racing the Edge

When it comes to racing motorbikes, there is not much Ian Harrison doesn’t know or has not done. “Hammered” was his verdict on gears removed from one of the Mistral Classic Racing team’s bikes as he showed them to our very own Brett Nicholson. Ian added with enthusiasm, “they are still in fantastic condition though!”

Mistral Classic Racing

22/01/2018 AM

See us at Professional Motorsport World – Stand 6070

Profession Motorsport World Stand 6070

Working with Race Engineers and their Sub-Contractors

Our advanced metallurgical processes and surface engineering products are used throughout motor sport from drag racing to F1.

With extensive in-house research and development facilities we are able to work with teams on specific product innovation – enhanced by our impressive material analysis laboratory with a newly launched mechanical... ... Professional Motorsport World 2017

26/09/2017 AM

See us on Stand 3C147 at Offshore Europe 2017

Gas nitriding - find out more at Offshore Europe

All You Need to Know about Metal Heat Treatment for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry

If you manufacture for the oil and gas industry, then you will know Offshore Europe 2017 runs from September 5th to 8th. However, do remember to mark in your route plan around the hall, our Stand 3C147. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your metal improvement needs.

Offshore Europe 2017

26/07/2017 AM

See us at Advanced Engineering - Stand P52

Solve real world heat treatment and hard coatings problems for customers

Innovations in Heat Treatment and Hard Coatings

Metal performance properties demanded by our customers in aerospace, automotive, medical device and other precision engineering industries means technical boundaries are being pushed all the time. At Wallwork, we thrive on meeting this ever evolving challenge and will be showing our capabilities at Advanced Engineering in November, Stand P52.

Advanced Engineering 2017

19/02/2017 AM

Advanced Engineering 2016 at NEC

Advanced Engineering – NEC November 2-3

This year’s Advanced Engineering exhibition will be the largest in the history of the show, occupying three halls at the NEC. As always the exhibition will showcase the latest developments in aerospace, automotive, composites and performance metals.

There... ... Advanced Engineering 2016 NEC

13/10/2016 AM /RB

Anti-bacterial coating for knee joints developed

Inspecting a coated knee joint

Innovate UK grant aids Wallwork research

Innovate UK are supporting research and clinical trials of a bio-active implant to treat post-operative infection after total knee replacement (TKR). This could reduce significantly the cost of post-operative complications to the NHS, estimated to be £300 million per year. Implant manufacturers MatOrtho and advanced metal... ... knee joints

22/08/2016 RB

Farnborough 2016

The Wallwork Stand at FIA will be larger than the 2014 stand and will be in Hall 4 positioned at G121.  Our experts will be on hand throughout the show for advice or just a chat.  See you there!

Click on the image to enlarge our headline capabilities

... Farnborough 2016

17/06/2016 15:22:24 RB

Aerospace Cemecon Farnborough 2016

Improving Yield and Quality when Cutting Aerospace Composites – Wallwork at Farnborough – Hall 4 Stand G121

New materials bring new challenges. Cutting aerospace composites can be problematic, but CemeCon hard coated tooling from Wallwork stays sharp, cuts more cleanly and for longer between tool changes... ... Aerospace Cemecon Farnborough 2016

27/05/2016 AM / RB

Nitron Flight Farnborough 2016

Nitron Flight – Unlocking Aviation Performance – Wallwork at Farnborough Hall 4 Stand G121

Surface engineering using advanced coatings can win significant technical, environmental and commercial gains for aircraft makers and operators. Nitron Flight – a family of advanced aerospace... ... Nitron Flight Farnborough 2016

27/05/2016 AM / RB

FIA 2016 – Wallwork Group: Advanced Aerospace Heat Treatment and Surface Coatings, Hall 4 Stand G121

FIA 2016 – Wallwork Group: Advanced Aerospace Heat Treatment and Surface Coatings, Hall 4 Stand G121


Since the last Farnborough Airshow in 2014, aerospace heat treatment and hard coatings specialist, the Wallwork Group, has invested an additional £2.5 million in buildings, plant, training and research... ... FIA 2016 – Wallwork Group: Advanced Aerospace Heat Treatment and Surface Coatings, Hall 4 Stand G121

27/05/2016 AM / RB

Profile – Chris Stretton – Keeping Your Orders on Track

image description

Chris is our production manager at Manchester. Rapid turnaround is one of the foundations of our business and Chris is the man who manages the process so your orders can be turned around as efficiently as possible in the shortest time.

“Manchester offers a full range of thermal treatments and services to a diverse range of industries.... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:40:49

Profile – Andy Fox

image description

There are many people on the Wallwork team that customers only encounter over the phone. Andy could well be one of these hidden faces. He has an interesting background.

Andy is based in Cambridge and is one of four senior managers accountable to Simeon Collins, the site director. The first interesting fact is that he hails from Bury, but... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:38:00

Remodelling the Vacuum Brazing Department

image description
We have a successful vacuum brazing department at Cambridge and have implemented a plan to expand this business. With this in mind a major remodelling is in progress.

Cambridge has the capability to vacuum braze components from a few millimetres up to maximum size of 1500x1500mm. The dedicated unit has acquired a reputation for providing a high... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:34:30

More Nitriding Choices

image description
Case hardening by the diffusion of nitrogen into the metal surface is a well-established process. Wallwork is one of the few companies in the UK able to offer a choice of salt bath, gas and plasma nitriding to suit different technical requirements and budgets.

Nitriding improves the endurance of wear parts and so is widely used for components... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:31:32

Investors in People – Achieving Goals by Working Together

image description
We are a family business and so have always had a focus on looking after and developing our people, but in 2013 Manchester became an Investor in People (IIP). Here is our account of the journey so far.

Like a lot of good ideas, IIP is just formalising and providing a framework for what is good practice anyway. As Paul Devoy the CEO of the IIP... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:21:36


We recently exhibited at SubCon at the NEC, and had even more success at the Paris Airshow, where we were not an exhibitor, but chose to walk the floor and meet people. Two significant exhibitions are planned towards the end of the year, why not come and join us.

ExCell in London will host the DSEI defence and security show between 15 to 18 September.... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:15:06

More Investment to Follow Birmingham Refurbishment

With an investment topping £2 million, the expanded and upgraded vacuum heat treatment department in Birmingham uses modern furnaces of different capacities for flexible, cost-effective thermal processing of both high volume and small batch metal components.

Housed in a newly refurbished building, the department provides a full range of high-vacuum... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:09:50

Nadcap Merit Programme Making Quality the Cornerstone for Growth

We first became involved with Nadcap back in 2006. Since then we have been steadily extending the coverage and have now completed two audit cycles on the Nadcap Merit programme for the Manchester site.

Aerospace is a world-wide business and Nadcap is acknowledged as the benchmark international quality standard. Certification is achieved... ... Read more

17/08/2015 14:02:10

Vacuum Brazing Expansion

Cambridge Facility

Wallwork has offered Vacuum Brazing as a service to its customers for many years and due to increasing demand for this advanced joining process is undertaking a significant expansion of its facilities and staff.  Read the full story by following the link 

Vac Braze Peter Cookson

30/07/2015 12:38:23 RB

Vacuum Brazing: A Flexible and Responsive Service

Demand for vacuum brazing from aerospace has led to the creation of a dedicated unit at Wallwork Cambridge. Staffed by skilled technicians the unit has capabilities to research, design, implement and scale-up the process for the vacuum brazing of complex components.

We have established a dedicated manufacturing unit for the design, development... ... Vacuum Brazing

10/07/2014 17:00:52

A Centre of Excellence in Aerospace Coatings Technology

A Unified Approach – introducing Wallwork Cambridge

The launch of Wallwork Cambridge recognises that the coatings, research and vacuum brazing services provided at this site are core capabilities of increasing importance to aerospace and other demanding customers.
“We want all our customers to understand that we offer more than just heat treatment and more than just coatings.” explained Simeon... ... Cambridge

10/07/2014 16:57:19

Wallwork Agree UK Exclusive Licence to Provide CemeCon Diamond Coatings

CemeCon – The UK’s Official Service Provider

Cambridge is our centre for excellence in aerospace coating technology. Our aim is to provide word-class processes so we introduced coatings from CemeCon several years ago alongside our own. Wallwork is now the only company in the UK officially recognised by CemeCon as suppliers of their patent coatings.
Wallwork Cambridge is offering the full range... ... CemeCon

10/07/2014 16:50:36

GroupSuccession Planning Goes Ahead

Left to right)Simeon Collins, Ian Griffin, Tim Pelari (Birmingham Director), Carole Chettoe, Richard Burslem and Peter Carpenter

New director appointments

WHT Holdings Ltd (WHT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Griffin to the Board of Wallwork Heat Treatment (Birmingham) Ltd and Simeon Collins to the Board of Tecvac Ltd.  Carole Chettoe has been appointed as Company Secretary for all WHT companies.

From April 2013 Richard Burslem will be resigning as director from all WHT... ... GroupSuccession Planning Goes Ahead

01/03/2013 Richard Burslem

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