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Heat Resistant Castings

The specialty of the foundry is the production of high quality, long lasting heat resistant castings & fixtures on short lead times at a realistic price. The experience of the Parent Company using such castings & fixtures over the last 50 years has enabled continuous casting development to take place, which has resulted in today's designs which are more resistant to distortion and cracking and very often lighter & more durable.

The foundry works together with many of its customers developing existing castings and designing new ones for specific purposes. With our Computer Aided Design and CNC pattern-making facilities this can be undertaken in house, keeping development time to a minimum.

The most widely used metal is 37% Ni/18% Cr with the remainder Iron, which retains much of its strength in temperatures up to 1050°C. For temperatures up to 1250°C we would usually recommend 80%Ni/20%Cr. Wallwork Cast Alloys have extensive experience of casting both these alloys and several other compositions.

Casting capacity ranges from 0.5kg up to 500kg incorporating running systems and feeders.

We are able to produce one off castings and multiple batches within these capacities.

A comprehensive range of patterns are available for British Furnaces sealed quench furnaces, also patterns are held for:- Ipsen, Wild Barfield, Consarc, Seco/Warwick, Wellman, Abar, Wentgate, Torvac etc.

New patterns can be manufactured on site to your specification either from drawings or from existing castings. We can also offer 2 & 3 dimensional AutoCAD design for customers.

Our pattern makers have years of experience in the heat treatment industry and are well able to translate practical ideas into working durable castings.

We understand the problems of storing large volumes of high value castings and so we offer a fast delivery on most jigs & fixtures, typically 6-8 weeks from order including any pattern making time.

Delivery times are reduced if patterns are held in our stores.

Emergency delivery of castings can be arranged on request.

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