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The Wallwork Group are pleased to announce that Metaltech Ltd of Consett, near Newcastle have now become part of the Group. See news item below   


Inner Armor

DLC Breakthrough for Internal Bores

New InnerArmor process coats cylinders, pipes, pumps and interior bores with a high performance DLC with a film thickness up to 50 microns.

InnerArmor, a revolutionary enhanced plasma coating process that allows cylinders, pipes, internal bores and enclosures up to 3 metres in length to be internally coated with diamond-like carbons (DLC), is now available from Wallwork Cambridge Ltd.

Developed by Sub-One Technology in the U.S.A., the technology is now available exclusivly in the U.K. at Wallwork Cambridge. The process provides a corrosion-resistant, very hard, thick, flexible DLC film, up to 50 microns layer depth. Coatings are inert, biocompatible, and environmentally friendly, and can reduce coating attrition to very low levels.

Wallwork Cambridge has already identified applications in oil and gas, aerospace, fluid engineering, medical devices and powder processing. Wallwork Cambridge expects to find many other internal applications where effective DLC coating has previously proved difficult or impossible to apply.

'Glass-like' defect-free structure

The InnerArmor process creates DLC surfaces with a 'glass-like' amorphous (noncrystalline) structure, free from pinhole defects, even in tube lengths exceeding 3 metres at aspect ratios Length:Diameter) of 1:40. This provides internal bores and tubes with very high levels of protection from erosion, scaling and fouling, and prevents adhesion by powders, particulates and slurries.

Operating temperatures up to 450°C

InnerArmor DLC coatings can be conducting or insulating, and can withstand high loads at operating temperatures of up to 450°C. This enables many hollow engine parts to be coated with DLC, allowing the replacement of expensive high performance alloys with lower specification steels.

Superlative corrosion resistance

Tests with the new InnerArmor DLC process have demonstrated superlative corrosion resistance and wear performance with consistent film hardness's of 3000 HV. High performance was shown in salt spray tests to meet US standards. Very high wear resistance in these tests was indicated by a very low attrition rate of less than 0.0005 microns per hour. Wallwork Cambridge can coat internal bores to thicknesses of between 5 and 30 microns to meet the highest specifications.

Superior bore performance

The InnerArmor process offers superior film bonding compared with other deposition methods. It offers all interior bore coating applications a high performance, clean, environmentally friendly process providing the highest levels of corrosion protection, wear resistance and energy efficiency.  Coating Attrition to Very Low Levels Video


Replacement for Hard Chrome

With electro deposited hard chrome becoming problematic and even impossible under the REACH regulations, InnerArmor adds another solution to finding a suitable replacement.  Chrome Replacement Fact Sheet


Is your application suitable for Innerarmor Coating?

To assess whether your components are suitable for the process please refer to the Innerarmor Application guide. available from the panel on the right.   This documents describes the main caveats to a successful application of the coating. To reach the correct process parameters as detailed within the video - a short development programme will be implemented by Wallwork technical staff on a 'tuning' component that will be coated and tested to demonstrate applicability for process duty. Following succesful tests this recipe will be frozen and utilised on all follow up parts. See Application Development  also in the panel on the right.

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