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Click on the "Group Videos" tab to see what happened when ex world champion trial rider Douggie Lampkin came to visit Wallwork. 



Wallwork Heat Treatment Manchester hosts the group's Aerospace heat treatment facility as well as servicing commercial heat treatment for the north of England, Scotland and Ireland on a 24/7 basis.

The site offers a complete heat treatment portfolio of Vacuum, salt, sealed quench and nitride furnaces, with lab and metallurgical facilities complementing the processes and enhancing the customer experience, the Wallwork transport fleet services the customer's logistical requirements to most of the UK reducing the dependence on external suppliers and allowing more control during sub contract. The Manchester site offers its customers and potential customers a comprehensive one stop shop for thermal treatments in both Aerospace and commercial processing.

With a full range of processing equipment of varying size, the site offers the capability to process the one off component to high volume repeat components to the same exacting standards. All processing takes place with the highest control and monitoring as required by today's high technical standards. The site holds a number of Aerospace and commercial approvals .

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