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**From May 1st 2024 the remaining surcharge will be removed in line with our letter in October 2023****

Manchester Enviromental Policy


Wallwork Heat Treatment Ltd provides first class contract heat treatment, surface engineering and metallurgical services to the automotive, aerospace and general engineering industries with ancillary provision of heat resistant castings for the heat treatment industry and transport services for customer product.


The Company strives to adopt efficient, safe and environmentally sound working practices which are supported by, and communicated to all levels throughout the organisation.  The Company has adopted the following environmental policy:

 ¨      To develop and maintain an integrated environmental management system, setting objectives and targets, all to be reviewed and audited on a regular basis

  ¨      To monitor company processes and activities in order to minimise adverse impact on the environment.

 ¨      To endeavour to reduce the amount of waste produced and energy used during metal treatment processes, and to dispose of all waste products in a safe and responsible way, re-using or recycling where applicable.

 ¨      To fulfil all compliance obligations relevant to the company.

 ¨      To openly communicate with interested parties all aspects of environmental concerns.

 ¨      To establish a program designed to protect the environment, prevent pollution and reduce energy consumption.

 ¨      To continuously improve the Company’s environmental management system and enhance environmental performance.

 ¨      To provide training to encourage environmental awareness amongst all staff.

 ¨      To maintain the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001



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