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Wallwork Group are operating as normally as possible in the circumstances that we all find ourselves in. Ensuring that at all times recommended government hygiene and social distancing is undertaken. 



Manchester News

New Vacuum Carburise Furnace for Motorsport

New vacuum carburising furnace brings group total to 29

Investing to Expand Capacity

To meet demand driven by a growing customer base of motor racing engine and transmission component suppliers, working across all Formulas including F1, Wallwork Heat Treatment have invested in a new advanced vacuum carburise furnace at their Greater Manchester site. This is a significant investment made during Covid challenges and brings the total number of vacuum furnaces across the group's UK locations up to 29, with a total vacuum capacity to process over 40 tons of components per day.

Wallwork director, Simeon Collins, explains, "Motor racing is a punishing environment for metal components. These parts are expensive to manufacture and subject to immense forces. Speed is king but reliability is just as important. Component failure equals failure to finish and can be dangerous. The sector is characterised by rapid development cycles and relies upon equally experienced and responsive heat treatment services."

In addition to hardening, precisely controlled heat treatment of components in the new vacuum carburise furnace will impart many improvements to the metal wear parts so they stand the stresses of continual high speed performance. In a typical process cycle, the metal surface will become free of oxide. This eliminates initial surface wear and enhances resistance to micro cracking which also increases fatigue resistance. Equally important to improving fatigue resistance, is the elimination of oxidation at a granular level, known as inter granular attack.

Many machined components will feature holes. Here the vacuum carburise furnace delivers excellent penetration by pulsing the gas pressure so fresh gas enters the holes frequently throughout the process cycle, ensuring more evenly applied heat treatment for the component.

Advanced machining methods make motor sport components to extremely fine tolerances. Any heat treatment process can cause component distortion, especially as the part is quenched (cooled), the new furnace excels at controlled cooling. As the process takes place in a vacuum chamber the component finish is excellent and takes less time due to the ability to apply higher carburising temperatures. Another time saving benefit is the elimination of the need for component post process cleaning.

Once the correct hardness profile for a metal part has been achieved, it can be stored and reproduced by the furnace to ensure future consistency and quality. Wallwork in-house experts can even help component designers at the design stage. Discussing with the heat treater what properties they need from their component can influence the design so the gains made at the heat treating stage are even greater.

Simeon concluded, "With a dedicated commercial pick-up and delivery fleet of over 50 vehicles, operating from five UK locations, we are ideally placed to provide a nationwide service to meet the rapid development cycles of the motor sport engineering sector. The affordability of the vacuum carburising process means it is not just for the big race teams. Self-funded privateers and smaller teams can also benefit from heat treating components and, if required, Wallwork can go a stage further and apply advance coatings for even greater part performance on track. The UK has a vibrant and world-envied position in engineering for motorsport and everyone wants winning reliability."

02/06/2021 AM


Nick Olpin Retires after 14 Years at Wallwork

Thank you to Nick for his dedication

Thank you, Nick

Underpinning all our services is quality. For the last 14 years Nick Olpin, as quality manager, with other team members, has helped the company gain many aerospace approvals. These include AS9100 accreditation, NADCAP, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Bombardier, Boeing, BAE systems and the list goes on.

Therefore, a huge and warm Wallwork thank you... ... Nick Olpin Retires

10/05/2019 AM

Come Visit us at Advanced Engineering - Stand Q6

Advanced Hard Coatings are In Big Demand by Aerospace

We Help With Your Thermal Processing and Hard Coating Needs

Advanced and precision engineers looking for metal heat treatment and PVD coatings will see a much expanded offering from Wallwork Group on stand Q6. Our Newcastle facility is now fully integrated into the group. Cambridge has increased vacuum brazing capacity with an additional furnace and gained further Rolls-Royce accreditations. And at Birmingham... ... Advanced Engineering 2018 Preview

20/09/2018 AM

Frank Heads for France

Frank Skelton Inspecting a Vacuum Furnace

After 40 years working for Wallwork, Frank Skelton retires in May

We caught up with him after a weekend of nights supervising the heat treatment at the Manchester (Bury) site.

Frank explained, “I left school at sixteen and started my career as a trainee lab technician at a Rochdale foundry in 1967. I learned the basics of metallurgy on the job. By day-release and night school study at the local... ... Frank

30/03/2017 10:51:05 AM

Magnificent Magnesium – Heat Treatment

Specialised magnesium heat treatment at Wallowrk

New furnace is on order to meet expected continuing growth.

Five years on from installing our first aluminium furnace, which gave us a foothold in the highly specialised magnesium heat treatment market, business is now booming and a new furnace is on order to meet expected continuing growth.

“This specialised branch of business is diverse with work coming from the leisure, aerospace, defence,... ... Magnesium

30/03/2017 10:51:05 AM

Nadcap Matters

Aerospace Heat Treatement

More Nadcap Accreditations

As far as we know, our Manchester site has more Nadcap accreditations than any other heat treatment facility in the UK. We caught up with quality manager Nick Olpin for the full story.

Nadcap is the highest level of international aerospace approval for special processing and building the portfolio of accreditations has been a gradual process... ... Nadcap

30/03/2017 09:08:40 AM

Charlotte Jackson

Women in Engineering

Engineering has a reputation as a predominantly male career, but we can provide a stimulating environment and promising career opportunities to women graduates as Charlotte Jackson, the subject of our profile attests.  

A recently qualified graduate... ... Charlotte

13/10/2016 AM /RB

Manchester Visitor and Training Suite

New Visitor Suite Under Construction

The Manchester (Bury) site was first occupied by Wallwork Heat Treatment in 1980 when it moved, as some long term customers may remember, from Stalybridge.  With a staff of just over 30, four sealed quench furnaces and a small tool department we could never envisage running out of space in our new large factory.

Fast forward 35 years... ... Bury Expansion 2016

29/01/2016 14:51:20 RB

Power Gen Amsterdam


Wallwork Group  exhibited at Power Gen 2015 in Amsterdam, 9 - 11 June 2015 on stand 4B 32, many people came and visited our experts to see how we could help solve their problems.

Whether it is increasing the strength of a component by traditional heat treatment or reducing wear on metal components through thermal and... ... Amsterdam

28/05/2015 18:41:22 RB

Nitriding: Thermal and Plasma Technologies

Additional Nitriding Capability

We have added gas-plasma nitriding to our well established facilities for thermal nitriding processes. As a provider of both processes the company is in an ideal position to advise on the best process for any application, recognising that aerospace clients have highly specific performance needs.

Nitriding is a... ... nitriding


Goodrich and Westland Aerospace Approvals for Manchester Site

Daniel at Microhardness

Wallwork Heat Treatment Manchester  has added to its approval portfolio new accreditations from helicopter manufacturer Augusta Westland and Goodrich Actuation Systems, a supplier of systems and components to all branches of aviation. The new endorsements sit alongside existing approvals from Airbus, APPH, BAe, Bombardier, NADCAP and Rolls... ... Manchester News

18/04/2012 11:38:05 Wallwork HT

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