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We would like to update you with our situation to the coronavirus. BUSINESS AS USUAL until government states otherwise. We are monitoring ongoing updates from the gov.uk on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and following advice given. We work in support of the medical, transport, engineering and food industries so are a critical supplier. Thank you for your support during these testing times and stay safe and healthy.

Manchester Site Services & Capacities

ServicesMax. Component sizeMax. Component weight
  • Case harden
  • Carburise
  • Carbonitride
  • Harden & Temper
  • Nitrocarburise

122cm long x 76 wide cm x 70cm high


  • Vacuum harden
  • Vacuum carburise
  • Vacuum temper/anneal
  • Solution & aging treatment

150cm long x 90cm wide x 90cm high


  • Salt bath Harden, temper,
  • Anneal, martemper, austemper,
  • Solution treat, Etc.

69cm long x 54cm wide x 102 cm high


  • Chemical blacking

70cm long x 50cm wide x 40cm high


  • Gas or Plasma Nitride

120cm high x 55cm diameter


  • Salt bath nitrocarburise.
  • Tufftride

60cm diameter x 75cm high


  • Sub zero (down to -120°C)

150cm x 90cm x 90cm high


  • Vacuum Brazing

150cm long x 90cm wide x 90cm high


  • Aluminium treatment

200cm long x100cm wide x 90cm high


Services available at other sites within the group can be accessed via the Manchester site, transport between the sites is free.

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