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**Due to the continued volatility in energy markets, commodities and increased pressure on other consumables, Wallwork Group surcharge for August 1st 2022  to August 31st 2022 will be 13%**

Manchester Site Services & Capacities

ServicesMax. Component sizeMax. Component weight
  • Case harden
  • Carburise
  • Carbonitride
  • Harden & Temper
  • Nitrocarburise

122cm long x 76 wide cm x 70cm high


  • Vacuum harden
  • Vacuum carburise
  • Vacuum temper/anneal
  • Solution & aging treatment

150cm long x 90cm wide x 90cm high


  • Salt bath Harden, temper,
  • Anneal, martemper, austemper,
  • Solution treat, Etc.

69cm long x 54cm wide x 102 cm high


  • Chemical blacking

70cm long x 50cm wide x 40cm high


  • Gas or Plasma Nitride

120cm high x 55cm diameter


  • Salt bath nitrocarburise.
  • Tufftride

60cm diameter x 75cm high


  • Sub zero (down to -120°C)

150cm x 90cm x 90cm high


  • Vacuum Brazing

150cm long x 90cm wide x 90cm high


  • Aluminium treatment

200cm long x100cm wide x 90cm high


Services available at other sites within the group can be accessed via the Manchester site, transport between the sites is free.

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