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**Due to the continued unpredictability in energy markets, commodities, consumables and the reduction in Government EBDS, Wallwork Group Surcharge from November 1st 2023, will be set at 4.9%**

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Today the Company is heavily involved in all aspects of the sub contract heat treatment sector, operating 6 to 7 days a week dependant on customer need with a highly flexible and skilled workforce.

The Company has completed a major investment to install a fully integrated sealed quench and tempering facility which is principally being used to supply inert hardening and case hardening to the fastener and automotive industries. This line has been continually upgraded and expanded to meet the production demands and quality standards required in this sector.

Working in conjunction with a UK based paint manufacturer a novel Molybdenumn Disulphide coating has been developed for use principally in the excavation, automotive, offshore and aerospace industries. A production line has been installed enabling the coating to be applied on a volume basis.

Induction heat treatment was added to the Company's process capabilities in 1984 with the purchase of a high frequency motor generator set and several radio frequency units. Continuous investment has seen this sector grow to such an extent that the current inventory contains over 25 pieces of induction equipment which includes vertical and horizontal scanners, shaft and pin hardeners. Additionally our Company can claim an extensive range of innovative purpose built ancillaries constructed in-house by our own engineers.

As a result of this comprehensive array of equipment Wallwork Newcastle Ltd can offer a broad range of heat treating services which include: austempering, martempering, though hardening, carburising and carbonitriding, nitriding, annealing, normalising, stress relieving, solution treatment, ageing, induction hardening and tempering, flame hardening, vacuum hardening, tool steel hardening, and austhenitic nitrocarburising. In addition to carbon and alloy steels the Company has the capability to process cast irons, copper and nickel based alloys, heat resistant alloys, sintered material tool and die steels and a range of stainless steels.

Now with the integration in to the Wallwork Group and the linking to the other sites with regular internal transport more processing capabilities are available to both the North East customers and the current Wallwork Heat Treatment customers that are on the groups transport network. The ability of a customer in South Wales for instance to simple pick up the phone and ask for a collection that would then see the work being delivered in to the new North East site for one of their speciality processes is very beneficial for the customer and for us  as a company in this service industry.

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